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Hypnosis is extensively documented to produce profound and amazing changes in a person's life.  Tap into that power now.


Advanced Hypnosis Methods Workshop


2 Excellent Certifications in 1 Day

Powerful, life changing information you canít get anywhere else!

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Immune System Coach

Weight Loss Coach


When and Where?


Sunday, May 25, 2014


Conference Room

13911 Ridgedale Drive - Suite 406

Minnetonka, MN. 55305

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Location May Change



Early Bird = $195  Expires May 2nd.

Regular Tuition = $275

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I cannot count the number of times I have used at least one technique from a workshop that made a significant, profitable and positive difference.


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The Immune System and Hypnosis:

How To Absolutely Strengthen The Immune System Using Hypnosis


This seminar is based on Devin Hastingsí latest and deeply researched book, 21st Century Medicine: The Healing Power of the Mind and How to Use It.
In this 2 hour seminar, cutting-edge information and very solid documentation will be discussed showing how the power of the mind has been demonstrated to improve a personís immune system and improve many major illnesses.
Each attendee will receive a certificate of training as an Immune System Coach.
* Attendees will receive educational materials that emphatically and positively prove that a healing relationship can and does exist between the mind and the body. These materials can be shared with clients so that they become convinced you can help them.
* Proven hypnotic and Mind/Body methods will be discussed so that every student will have the tools to help their clients alter their immune systems toward greater strength and health.
* Major disease conditions will be discussed with the emphasis on how there is already excellent proof showing that conditions ranging from acne to cancer have many times over been positively influenced using the power of the mind.
* Students will be able to competently discuss the major aspects of the immune system and how hypnosis can help.


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Weight Loss Coach

I (Devin) used to be a fat porker.  Man boobs, the whole bit.  Now I only eat sticks and twigs.  Okay, that's not true - I eat more than sticks and twigs to stay thin - I eat bugs as well.  Hypnosis is amazing!

On the serious side, real, permanent weight loss is much more than just engaging in painful eating habits that will eventually fail. 

This workshop is a deep look at the motivating factors involved in weight gain as well as in weight loss.

We will be discussing and destroying some commonly held beliefs that get people fat and keep them overweight.

And we will be going over some very powerful methods that frequently turn the tide for the person who has continually tried to lose weight.

This certification alone is worth the price of this workshop because it will open doors for your client that will prove very profitable to both of you.

Even if you've already studied weight loss hypnosis with me, this class will be an excellent refresher and will, of course, have new information.


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