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Become A Certified Cognitive-Behavioral Coach

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Why is this training valuable? Because it combines the proven power of hypnosis & NLP with the documented healing power of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.


And, clients are looking for people who have that “something special” to help them change and this is it!

In two days, you will learn skills and earn a valuable certification qualifying you to improve the lives of those who need your coaching now.

This training will give you a heightened ability to help people with the following problems*:

Anxiety Disorders
Eating disorders
Mood disorders
Low Self-Esteem
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Unreasonable Anger
Severe Mental disorders
Children and Adolescent Problems
Substance Abuse
Complex Trauma
Weight Loss

-And many more Life Challenges respond well to the power of CBT combined with hypnosis & NLP

*ALL diagnosed medical conditions require a physician's approval*

In the United Kingdom, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence recommends CBT as the treatment of choice for a number of mental health difficulties, including post-traumatic stress disorder, OCD, bulimia nervosa, and clinical depression.

Theory and Techniques You Will Learn:

-The CBT Mind Equation and How To Combine It With Hypnosis and NLP For Powerful Change

- CBT Laws of The Mind. These laws, like the Law of Gravity, always predictably attract certain results so learning about them and how to hypnotically manipulate them is crucial

-A “Must Work” Calming Method

-How To Change That F~!@#! Critical Inner Voice

- Changing The Lens of The Mind = Changing The Future; How To

-Can’t Make Up Your Mind? Not sure? This technique will help

-NLP Plus CBT = Powerful Techniques For Change. Several will be discussed and demonstrated

-The F.A.T. Formula for Changing Feelings

-How To Install A Positive Client Response

-From DI-stress to De-stress

-How To Covertly Condition Your Client For Success

-The N.A.I.R. Negative Emotion Release Method

-Confidence Creator

-Repairing Self-Esteem

-How To Get Your Client Aligned With Their Strengths

-The Criticism Crusher

-The Worry Eliminator

-Hypnosis Plus CBT: How To Combine Them

-CBT Self-Hypnosis Methods and Scripts

-Sleepy CBT Method For Improved Rest

-CBT for GAS (General Adaptation Syndrome)

-“You want better answers in your life? Then ask better questions! And here they are.” Life Changing Questions For Your Clients

-Backwards CBT: A Life Changing Method

And much more will be shared with you!


2015 Dates and Locations:

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Minnetonka, MN

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May 16 & 17, 2015

9:30 to 5:30

Qualifies for NGH ceu's


Tuition: $245 Early Bird.  Expires April 16, 2015.

Regular Tuition is $345


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Toronto, Canada

July 25 & 26, 2015 - Sat & Sun,

Hosted by: The Ontario Hypnosis Centre

Please pay The Ontario Hypnosis Centre for this workshop.




In London, England June 2013 workshop, there were almost 50 attendees.  Following are a couple of the many positive comments received about the workshop:


"Hi Devin,


I hope that your journey back to the US was as pain free as possible!


I did not have a chance to speak with you after we finished on Sunday, as you were surrounded by many people, who I imagine wanted to thank you.


Sincerely, thank you SO much for an informative, funny, and inspirational teaching.


I really feel your essence and heart, and your depth of caring. It was so refreshing to meet someone who is connected through the heart to 

really helping others heal, and at the same time committed to their own healing journey.


With love and deep gratitude,

Zoe Steed"





"My heartfelt thanks for an extraordinary seminar.  I have worked as a hypnotherapist for 25 years and I have learnt so much during those two days with you!


The weekend was packed with information and techniques that I found very helpful, and I will certainly start using them at my practice.


I also felt that I had made some very good progress in my personal development thanks to the tasks you set us during the weekend.


A superb seminar which I am very happy to recommend to my colleagues! Thank you, Devin."


Vera Peiffer,




Following are testimonials from a wonderfully intense and transformative workshop taught for  The Ontario Hypnosis Centre in Toronto, Canada in July of 2013

‘Love that I can IMMEDIATELY use the tools, apply my new skills and knowledge.  Lots of brilliant content…this course could be 3 days.’   K. Hicks

‘Best course I’ve ever had.  Most informative, entertaining, enlightening, pleasurable and encouraging (I have much more courage now).’  S. Blakely

‘Brilliant, funny, engaging, open to questions from all levels of students.  Incredible!!  I have leaned so much and personally the affect on me…amazing!’  B. Trenton

‘I had taken a class with Devin at the Convention so I knew the class would be great – however it was even better than I hoped it would be.  Tariq, thank you for bringing Devin to Toronto – what a great opportunity to learn from him.  I will take any other course you have Devin back to teach.’  N. Douglas

‘Course could be a 3 – 4 day – it would be great to practice the techniques.   This course is really amazing, especially how it adds to NLP and Hypnosis.  The course was paced perfectly.’  S. Ground



Below student testimonials For The Cognitive Behavioral Coach Certification held at Mercer Island, Washington are excerpted from their handwritten testimonials.


The material that helped me most was:

"All of it honestly.  For someone who has no training in NLP or hypnosis this was very informative.  I especially liked the step by step notes of the workbook in regards to exercises."


From the same student:

"Devin's ability to listen, empathize and be comical yet serious was a delight to experience.  Plus informative & clearly articulated material made this a breeze." 

C.T., Seattle, WA



"I highly recommend this class for professionals!"

A.A., Lynnwood, WA



"The presenter and material are both awesome."

J.C., Redmond, WA



"Extremely informative weekend.  Power Packed with useful tools."

K.F., Lakewood, WA



"Provided great! information and kept a fun perspective with a comedic but genuine style.  As someone not a trained HT (hypnotherapist) I would recommend this course towards anyone interested in personal growth."

K.G., Seattle, WA



"Great value!  Charming, delightful presenter.  Very useful information."

M.M., Bellevue, WA



"Knowledge and presentation of material was excellent."

C.L., Mill Creek, WA



"Loved the experiential & humor!  You'll walk out of this class with tons of information you'll apply tomorrow in your practice.  Easily understood, directly applicable.  Wonderful!"

C.B., Kirkland, WA



"Very funny, engaging & informative!  I am new to most of the techniques introduced but Devin did a great job explaining them for both new & experienced practitioners."

G.R., Seattle, WA



"All of the material was great!  Devin was awesome, scale of 1-10 Devin was probably an 8." 

H.N., Lakewood, WA



"This class was great!  I loved the training.  You are awesome."

P.V., Normandy Park, WA



The material that helped me most was:

"Wow, where do I begin?  All of it.  The stories, the enthusiasm, the knowledge, the class session, the material...."

T.L, Seattle, WA



"Devin's trainings are powerful, effective, thorough and comprehensive.  He delivers with humor, heart and humility."

L.A., Kirkland, WA



"Devin is wonderfully humorous & presents info in a way that is memorable."

E.S., Bothell, WA



The material that helped me the most was:

"Watching the demonstrations and seeing Devin work in such a masterful way."


Other comments by the same participant: "I enjoyed his relaxed persona and humor.  He was amazing when he was working and I liked that part the best."

M.L.M., Mill Creek, WA



"Watching you as a facilitator and seeing your shift in energy as you were working was a gift."

N.G., Seattle, WA



"Excellent presentation - well delivered, well paced.  Good/excellent classroom management w/students' questions & sharing."

J.M., Kenmore, WA



"Excellent combination of presentation style(s); humor, metaphor, demonstration of techniques.  A genuinely "nice guy".

C.D., Bow, WA



"Excellent overall - wonderful, fluid practitioner.  A delight to watch."

J.S., Seattle, WA



The material that helped me most was:

"I loved it all."


More comments from the same attendee:

"Devin's class was the perfect blend of humor & knowledge.  It was insightful and easy to follow."

R.M., Snoqualmie, WA



The material that helped me most was:

"Observing your style & expertise!  Your approach & communication style while presenting and working on techniques w/volunteers is wonderfully encompassing!  Picking up the fine minutiae of suggestions & anchors you expertly deliver is fun & very educational - I really listened!"

S.F., Seattle, WA



The material that helped me most was:

-Detailed, step by step scripts with explanation about the purpose

-Key phrases to use

-Hearing/participating in group exercises


From the same participant:

Please give a brief overall evaluation of the presenter and the material:

"Well organized and funny."

D.S., Bellevue, WA



Please give a brief overall evaluation of the presenter and the material:

"Generous, well invested, practical, caring, knowledgeable. A+++  The best buy for my educational buck!  Now my clients will have proven and sincere therapeutic options!"

J.M., Issaquah, WA



The material that helped me the most was:

"When you did hypnosis on the whole class.  Very healing.  Thank you :)

Your workbook is awesome.  I loved it!  Thank you!

W.W., Renton, WA



"Devin, I have to say this weekend has been one of the best experiences I have had learning hypnosis/NLP.  Your obvious intelligence, personal experience, genuine care, authenticity/love & insanely fun humor made it go by quickly and effortlessly."

L.B., Bellingham, WA



Student Testimonials and Evaluation Results For The Cognitive Behavioral Coach Certification held at the Hilton - St. Anne's Manor in beautiful Wokingham, England

(Workshop venue in below left picture and students below right.  Click the pictures to enlarge them.)



Venue for Devin Hastings' Cognitive Behavioral Coach Certification      A wonderful group of British students for Devin's Cognitive Behavioral Coach Certification


"Dear Devin,


Trust you are back safely amongst your lovely family again!


I like all the others, really appreciated all the time and effort you gave to us over the weekend.


There is so much information to use in so many situations, making it such a useful course for us.  You are the best!





"Devin, the course was absolutely fantastic! You were brilliant. I've used the techniques about 6 or 7 times this week and every occasion they worked a treat! Thanks a million. :{)




Student Evaluations Summary - 21 Submitted


Scale is 1 to 5.  1 = poor, 2 = below average, 3 = acceptable, 4 = good, 5 = exceptional


"How would you rate the presentation content?"  13 at 5 and 8 at 4


"How was the general presentation?"                   13 at 5 and 8 at 4


"How well did the presentation meet with your expectations?"

15 at 5, 4 at 4, and 2 at 3


"Would you recommend having Devin back?"  

20 said "Yes" and one said: "Maybe, not sure." 


Below are further responses to the above question:




"Yes - Inspirational in so many ways."


"Absolutely - Devin was awesome!  World class ++++  Learned so much!"



Your instructor, Devin Hastings is an author and international presenter whose seminars and workshops have been enthusiastically received around the U.S. and from Melbourne, Australia to London, England.

To learn more about Devin and to read useful and entertaining articles, visit the following websites:

PS, be sure to read the article: “My Nose Has PTSD”

And, read “NLP For Eliminating Self-Sabotage”


Einstein saying the MN Institute is best place to learn cognitive behavioral coaching and more.



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