Diabetes Seminar

"Helping Diabetics To Help Themselves"

"People change when the pain of staying the same

is greater than the pain of change."


Control Your Diabetes With Hypnosis

"Can hypnosis really help with diabetes?" 

Absolutely yes.  There is a enough startling evidence supporting the idea that our minds have a profound influence on diabetes and other conditions. 

Everyone "knows" this but that's where most people's knowledge stops.  This seminar is a chance to expand your knowledge.  Attend this seminar and you will discover a way to being using your mind to positively influence your diabetes. 

And, in some cases, there will be attendees who will be find they can go medication free (with their doctor's approval!) after applying the information they get in the seminar.

To see the seminar schedule, please visit www.Create-Changes.com and click on "Seminar FAQ's".  There you will be directed to the schedule.

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