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"People hate to be sold but they love to buy."


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Hypnotic Sales Coach Certification

Hidden NLP and Hypnosis Methods of The Masters

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This is an exciting class because it combines decades of sales experience with a deep knowledge of the power of hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). 


This one-day class will teach you hypnosis methods and NLP techniques that can skyrocket yours or your client's sales.


Your instructor will also discuss the top problems all sales people face and how to apply hypnosis and/or NLP to resolve the challenge.




Date To Be Announced

Location - MN Institute of Advanced Communication Skills

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Tuition is $219.00.


The fee includes a free $30.00 self-hypnosis CD titled Manifesting Wealth with Hypnosis.


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7 Steps To A Lot More Sales

by 21st Century Marketing Systems


This is in-depth class meets once a week for 7 weeks for 2 hours in the evenings. 


In this class you will absolutely learn and apply incredibly effective sales and marketing methods that can easily boost your sales without you having to invest any additional marketing dollars. 


The information in the class can help the smallest business person all the way up to the largest corporation (who often needs this information more than anyone else).


What could you do with better sales?






Save $100 with Early Registration.

Early Tuition is $495


The fee includes $100 worth of materials.


Instructor's sales experience--click here

Testimonials about the 7 Steps


Credit card payments are processed through a secure server.  NOTE: Your credit card statement will show payment made to MindBody Hypnosis.


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Your Instructor's Sales Experience

C. Devin Hastings is a Certified Professional Marketing Consultant with the International Guild of Professional Consultants and Coaches.

Devin has had extensive sales training and experience. His sales training began at the age of 5 when he started selling Cheerful House Greeting Cards door-to-door in New Rochelle, N.Y.

Devin's direct sales knowledge was further enhanced by 3 years of door-to-door sales he did to help support the Christian boy's school he attended as a teen-ager.  Devin has also sold door-to-door for the Amway corporation. 

In addition to hundreds of hours of self-study, Devin has received over 200 hours of intensive sales training from 3 top corporations(1) where he earned many sales awards. 

As a certified instructor of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis, Devin combines his broad sales experience and success with NLP and Hypnosis to help others produce the results they want.

(1) Devin has received extensive, effective sales training from:


Vistana Time Share Sales in Orlando, Florida

Sprint PCS Business-to-Business sales in Minnetonka, Minnesota and

Verizon Information Systems (Yellow Pages) in Edina, Minnesota.


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Testimonials about the 7 Steps


"Starting a new division with a strong Unique Selling Proposition propelled us to 1.4 million in new revenue within four months!"  - Mark Davis, publisher



"This first step alone took my four specialty retail stores from declining in sales by 12% the previous year to increasing 10% in just sixty days!  I was then able to sell my business for twice the amount I was getting offers for."

                                                                            - Bill Deats



"Revenues up $150,000 in one year--a 50% increase because the 7 Step System helped us do a better job of turning prospects into customers."

                                                                             - Howard Nelson, caterer



"Implementing one simple idea during Step 2 brought our company an extra

$1 million cash in 12 months--nearly all of it going to the bottom line."

                                                                                - James Mitton



"My medical diet practice jumped 25% in sales in one month by using the system to learn how to invite past patients to buy again from me."

                                                                                    - Roger Brown, M.D.



By building relationships with my customers, which this system teaches you to do, I have been able to beat competitors who under price me.  I am still in business while many of them have come and gone."

                                                                                       - Duane Jones



"We had been running one ad for three months with an average return of $75.  the ad cost us $500 per run.  By using the System techniques, I rewrote my ad against the advice of the newspaper salesman and ran it for three days.  I can't believe what a huge difference it made.  I got 90 calls my first day and over 320 calls over the three days.  I gained 179 new patients and made over $53,000 the first month.  I continued to run it for six months and made over $400,000 that year from it."

                                                                                        - Dr. LaJeanne Duke




"This marketing system is great.  Through applying the correct principles of direct marketing, I doubled the response to my direct mail campaign."

                                                                              - F. Reiner and Associates


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