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Host Seminars and Workshops By Devin Hastings and get paid

(plus get free training)

If you are interested in making a few thousand dollars or more, you can arrange for me to give a workshop where you are located.  All you need to do is find students and a reasonable venue.   

Generally a minimum of 10 students is necessary for me to travel but if workshop tuition is increased, then necessary number of students is decreased.

However, let’s say you find 25 students at $250 each (early bird tuition.)  The gross = $6250.  The presenter gets half of gross because he does the travelling away from home, etc.

 $3125 is left from which all expenses are taken.  Let’s say the presenter’s flight, car and hotel comes to $1,000.  And let’s assume a cost of $500 for presentation room rental though seminars have been taught at host schools or homes. 

 The host then earns $1625 for making calls, emailing people and making sure the seminar venue is reasonable. 

Keep in mind that I do not like spending money on expensive, pretentious presentation rooms.  Also keep in mind that adequate hotel rooms for accommodation are fine as well.   

And remember, the host and one friend (who can help you market the workshop) will receive the certification training for free if a sufficient number of students are enrolled.  Generally a minimum of 10 paying students is sufficient though each situation is different.

 Another way to go is to find a local hypnosis school willing to agree to the above terms and you still get the class for free.   


 - Where indicated, a certificate of training is granted either by the Minnesota Institute of Advanced Communication Skills, a MN state licensed school (see disclosure by clicking here) or The Diabetes Research Association of America, a MN state chartered non-profit organization. 

 -Deeper descriptions of each seminar and workshop are available upon request.

 -Devin is also available for paid private consultations while he is visiting.  Attendees from London to Melbourne and around the U.S. have found this to be a value added benefit. 


Weight Loss Specialist

(1 Day Training Certification Workshop)


This workshop covers weight loss information that most hypnotists don’t know.  Devin used to be a fatty himself (man boobs and all) and, in his 27+ years of practice and research, he has created a weight loss approach that is unique and effective.


Depression and Hypnosis

(1 Day Training Certification Workshop) 

This workshop offers new and crucial, transformative information. Helping your clients suffering from depression with the information contained in this program can very likely be instrumental in helping them to permanently change their lives for the better!

 Because depression is a complex, multi-dimensional process, treating it requires many different influences in order to effectively and permanently change it for the better. Subtle yet very important points that must be addressed are often overlooked even by the most knowledgeable of practitioners. 

 This intense, moving and information packed workshop will give even the most experienced practitioner new and effective insight to an old problem. 


Certified Diabetes Motivational Coach ™

(2 Day Training Certification Workshop)


This two day workshop is intense, comprehensive and offers new and scientifically proven methods that can help people with diabetes to better manage their condition and in many cases, get rid of the diabetes symptoms.



Hypnotic Answers For Diabetes 

(1-2 hours)


This seminar shares some very effective hypnotic methods to help people with diabetes.  This seminar is a subset of the Diabetes Motivational Coach ™ workshop.


Fearless Public Speaking

(1 to 2 hours.  4 hours, a certificate of training is awarded.)


Become a fearless public speaker by being a F.E.A.R. based speaker.  This seminar has consistently earned great reviews.  It is a great addition to the hypnotist’s tool kit and it expands their ability to attract more clients.


Emergency Hypnosis and Ultra-Learning: Two certificates of training awarded in one day. 

(Each workshop is 4 hours)


Expand your income by being able to share emergency hypnosis information with your local first responders.  This is a great marketing certification to have.


And, imagine how many people would pay you to help them realistically and dramatically increase their ability to learn more, faster than they thought possible. 


Innovative Inductions, Powerful Deepeners and Never-Fail Depth Testing (1-2 hours)

 In London, England this seminar was so well received that its creator, Devin Hastings, has been repeatedly invited back to present more seminars and workshops. 

Hypnotic Language Methods: Sure-Fire, TranceFormational Techniques (1-2 hours)

 And for another U.K. audience, this workshop gave the audience far more than they thought they were going to get for new and powerful techniques. 

Assertiveness: How To Unlock Your Inner Power To Be Happier

(1-4 hours.)

 Often, all a client needs to change their life for the better, is to be more assertive.  Assertiveness is a skill that many are lacking.  This seminar gives you a great deal of information that can absolutely improve your abilities to help your clients.

Grief: From Pain To Peace

(1-2 hours)

 In this seminar, you can expand your skills as a healer by learning how to use advanced hypnosis and NLP techniques to touch the heart that is wounded. 

 Impotence:  The Hidden Pain.

(1 to 2 hours.  4 hours, a certificate of training is awarded.)

 Looking at the incredible sales of “male enhancement” solutions, a person might think there is a market for safer, “longer lasting” alternatives.  And there is.  Hypnosis is well proven to help men with E.D. (impotence) but few people know about it. 

Expand your income by helping others with a very embarrassing condition.  If you don’t think a guy won’t try hypnosis for impotence, remember there are tens of thousands of E.D. sufferers who use needles in very private places to (temporarily) solve their problem. 

Anxiety Reduction Specialist- or - Anxiety Management Consultant

(2 Day Training Certification Workshop)

 This invaluable and enlightening workshop is based on Devin Hastings’ book “Anxiety, OCD and Hypnosis: New Answers For Those Who Suffer In Silence”.

 Obsessive Compulsive Disorder:  New Answers for Those Who Suffer In Silence.

(1-2 hours) 

OCD is a disorder that is wide-spread and often secretly influences your clients but they are too embarrassed to talk about it.  Untreated OCD can stop even the best of hypnotic treatments.  Learn how to identify it and deal with it by taking this seminar.  

This seminar is a subset of the Anxiety Reduction Specialist certification workshop.

 Creating Your Inner H.E.A.L.R. ™ --How To Use Nature’s Invisible Forces To Change Your Client and Protect Yourself From Their Emotional Lightning Storm.

(1 to 2 hours)


Having an Inner H.E.A.L.R. is an invaluable tool for any hypnotist for 2 reasons: (1) It gives you extra power to help your client because you are directing their injured emotional energy to a deep place of healing and transformation.  This rejuvenated life force can then be focused back to your client. (2) It helps you to remain as effective as possible by keeping your aura and psyche free of draining energy. 

Also, your Inner H.E.A.L.R. is a unique and crucial tool because you can use it to deflect the damaging psychic impact of a client’s story and energy thereby protecting you from Compassion Fatigue (a.k.a. Secondary PTSD).

Instant and Rapid Inductions

(1 to 2 hours.  4 hours, a certificate of training is awarded.)

 While in Australia, Devin presented several seminars and workshops one of which was an instant/rapid induction class that revealed new methods to already well educated attendees. 

The Immune System and Hypnosis: How To Absolutely Strengthen The Immune System Using Hypnosis

(2 hour to full day.  The only certificate awarded is a certificate of training as an Immune System Coach given after the full day workshop.) 

This seminar is based on Devin Hastings’ latest and deeply researched book, 21st Century Medicine: The Healing Power of the Mind and How to Use It.

 In this 2 hour seminar, cutting-edge information and very solid documentation will be discussed showing how the power of the mind has been demonstrated to improve a person’s immune system and improve many major illnesses.

 NLP Practitioner Certification

Receive 2 valuable, 2nd income certifications from this 4 day workshop which can be done all at once or over 2 weekends.  

TranceFormational Techniques - A two day certification workshopIn this one of a kind, life-changing, two-day workshop, Devin will share his unique and powerful revisions of classic techniques, as well as original and highly effective hypnotic methods developed over the course of his 25-year career.

"You'll leave this seminar and workshop with a toolkit of custom created, advanced hypnosis techniques and language patterns to help people powerfully change their lives in wonderful and dramatic ways," says Devin. "You'll be able to tailor them to a wide variety of issues including: anxiety, acne, asthma, cancer, depression, diabetes, grief, fibromyalgia/M.E. (Myalgic Encephalopathy) and more."

Some of the techniques and methods taught in this workshop will be:

-Quantum Psychobiological Hypnotic Healing Processes

-Hypnotic Gene Manipulation

-Dissociation Integration Strategies For Clients With Parts That Won't Get Along

-Irritating Anger Management Techniques That Work

-Unbelievable Belief Changing Strategies For Those Who Don't Know How To Change

-Redesigning The Brain: Ultra-Learning (and unlearning) Methods For Your Client

-Weight Loss - The Lies That Hypnotists Believe and The Unbearable Lightness of Being

-The Failure Identity and Why Some People Are 'Bourne' With It

-The Discouragement Cure

 “Client problems can often appear impossible to fix until you learn to speak their language. This workshop will give you the tools to persuasively understand and speak your client's inner healing language.”

This weekend gives you a great opportunity to learn from an experienced leading hypnotherapist, author and trainer and to gain a unique and very valuable certification.

About Devin Hastings:

Devin Hastings is the president of the Minnesota Institute of Advanced Communication Skills which is a state licensed school that certifies people in advanced persuasion fields including hypnosis and NLP. 

In addition to having over 27 years experience helping people to change their lives, Devin has authored over 30 audio/video self-help products and the following 4 books:


-“21st Century Medicine: Clinical Evidence for the Healing Power of the Mind”

-“Control Your Diabetes With Hypnosis”

-“Anxiety, OCD and Hypnosis: New Answers for Those Who Suffer In Silence”

-“Become A Certified Diabetes Motivational CoachTM —A Training Manual.”

 As well as being a Board Certified Hypnotist, Devin has also received several prestigious awards granted by the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) including the Ormond McGill Award and the NGH Hypnosis Research Award for his groundbreaking work in successful applications of hypnosis for diabetes. 

 Devin’s custom created, award winning seminars and workshops have been presented around the United States and overseas.  

Organizations such as the AARP, AT&T, the Better Business Bureau, Florida Law Enforcement Agencies, The NGH, and The Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy and more, have enjoyed and greatly benefited from Devin's seminars and workshops.  

To speak to someone or to schedule a phone hypnosis session, dial:

Direct: 612-730-2789


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MN. Institute 2012 Training Schedule

Certification Training for:

Hypnosis, NLP, Weight Loss Coach, Diabetes Coach and more!



Hypnosis Class-1 of 4






NLP Practitioner






Hypnosis Class-2






 Cognitive Behavioral Coach Certification






Hypnosis Class-3






NLP Master Practitioner



Sunday- Friday - Intensive Hypnosis Class days 1-6


31/Apr 1

Hypnosis Class-4 (days 7-8 for intensive)



Easter Sunday



Diabetes Motivational Coach ™ Certification









NLP Practitioner



Hypnosis Class-1 of 4



Mothers Day - Give your mom a hug!









Advanced Hypnosis Class - 3 certifications



Hypnosis Class-2






Hypnotic Sales Coach Certification:  Hidden Hypnosis and NLP Methods of The Masters






Hypnosis Class-3












Hypnosis Class-4



National Guild of Hypnotists Convention!












Hypnosis Class-1 of 4  (days 1-2 of 8 day intensive)



Hypnosis 8 Day Intensive - Days 3-8



NLP Practitioner






Hypnosis Class-2






NLP Master Practitioner






Hypnosis Class-3






Ultra Learning and Emergency Hypnosis - Dual Certification– 1 day






Hypnosis Class-4















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The Minnesota Institute is proud to provide National Guild of Hypnotist's approved training and membership.


MIACS is also proud to have been the Minneapolis home to Dr. Rachel Fleissner, board certified child psychiatrist and world-respected authority on the applications of hypnosis, neuro/biofeedback and other cutting edge solutions to childhood problems.  She is now in Fargo, N.D. and you can visit Dr. Rachel Fleissner's website by clicking here.


Welcome to our school and we look forward to helping you achieve your goals and dreams.



Disclosure: The Minnesota Institute of Advanced Communication Skills is licensed as a private career school with the Minnesota Office of Higher Education pursuant to Minnesota Statutes, sections 141.2I to 141.32.  Licensure is not an endorsement of the institution.  Credits earned at the institution may not transfer to other institutions. 

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