Why Sales Skills Matter

And How NLP Can Help


The power of NLP can change yours and others lives in dramatic ways.


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Why Sales Skill Matter and How

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Can Help

By Devin Hastings

According to Jeff Haden of CBS Money Watch (1), a good way to improve your career (and income) is to find a way to work in sales.  If you can get a sales job with your current employer, great.  Or, Haden suggests, get a part-time sales job.

Haden, states: "Whether you work for someone else, own your own business or even work in a role where you never interact with customers, sales skills are still incredibly useful."

Sales is no longer about pressuring and/or 'tricking' customers into buying.  

Instead, sales is now viewed by excellent sales people, as a way of clearly explaining the benefits of whatever it is you are selling whether it is an idea, a course of action or a product.

For example, you may need to convince your boss that a certain course of action will prove profitable to her/his company.

Or, maybe getting your employees to really buy into a company policy/culture change is what you want.

The point is this:

Good Sales Skills = Effective Communications = Good Result$

Profitable and satisfying sales requires good discipline and Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a powerful way to help a person increase their self-discipline and motivation.

Determination and perseverance are crucial elements of self-discipline.  Successful people do what unsuccessful don't want to do - go that extra distance.  NLP is a fantastic motivation technology that can help install patience and persistence into the sales person who wants to truly be successful.

Expert negotiation skills are also required for a profitable sales career whether you are selling ideas or products.  A key aspect of negotiation skills is the ability to truly listen and NLP gives a person highly effective listening tools and methods that simply are not found in traditional sales training courses.

Additionally, as any sales person knows, you will hear the word "No" far more than yes.  With NLP you can become energized when you hear the word "No" because you can program yourself to see "No" as a fun challenge to overcome.  And you will also learn how to benefit from the so-called "rejection" response by using it as profitable performance enhancement feedback.

Ultimately you want happy customers even when they may not have gotten everything they wanted and with NLP you can accomplish this outcome. 

It's easy to sell to someone like you.  The challenge here is that selling to persons like yourself dramatically narrows your field of customers.  Being able to communicate to anyone in their buying language is an essential skill.  NLP principles and methods excel in giving a person the ability to truly understand and utilize a customer's buying strategy. 

But what if you are shy or unsure and yet you want to get into sales?  How on earth does a shy person 'close the sale'?   With NLP, you have amazing tools that will help you develop good rapport with your customer so that on many occasions they will ask you to close the deal.

What about those times when your customer doesn't?  NLP can help the shy person literally program themselves with confidence.  

The ability to "close a deal" or reach an agreement is crucial to any business and NLP is an ideal way to learn this skill.

From small business to big businesses, effective & ethical persuasion skills are an absolute must and NLP is uniquely powerful. 

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About the author: Devin Hastings started selling Cheerful House Greetings cards door-to-door when he was 5 years old. 

Devin's teaches his NLP and hypnosis students that their job is to get their clients to 'buy' the idea of change.

Devin is president of the MN Institute of Advanced Communication Skills, a Minnesota based NLP and hypnosis school.

Devin has over 27 years experience in sales and persuasion and he travels internationally teaching on a wide variety of persuasion subjects including how to use hypnosis to help diabetics.

To learn more about Devin, click here

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(1) "Why Sales Skills Matter....To Everyone".  by Jeff Haden http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-505143_162-57325724/why-sales-skills-matter-to-everyone/

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